The Waiting Game

In my last post, I mentioned something about "living in the moment." But that living in the moment also means patiently waiting. Now that I know that I want to focus on myself and growth, what next?

I am currently going into my third year as a Ph.D. student, and I teach a public speaking course. I guess that is the bulk of my life at the moment, but I always find myself wanting more. But I have to remember to be thankful for the now because I once prayed for this. I tell myself to just relax and enjoy the ride, but I can't help but wonder what new, adventurous moments will happen next in my life? I am working on my business as a digital content designer, and I am thinking maybe that is what I am supposed to give my energy to. It is just kind of weird to be in this awkward phase of wondering what is next. I don't think I am alone in feeling this way. Maybe it is just a part of being in your 20s? I feel empowered by shedding a lot of what was weighing me down from my past, and by no means do I mean I have it all together. But I feel almost brand new. I just can't help but wonder, what does this "new me" bring? I guess I have to trust God and see.


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